Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Getting My Hair Cut

Everyone knows that getting your hair cut can be a scary thing. The gut-wrenching anxiety of not knowing if the stylist will do what you want, what your hair will look like, or if you will end up with your ear cut off.

So needless to say, finding a proper hair stylist is tricky business. I will admit, for years I haven't gone to a salon because I got a bad hair cut once and it scared me, and my sister (who is an amazing hair stylist) lives a state away. So I learned to cut and color my own hair. But alas, I am not the best at it, and I need to suck it up and go get a proper hair cut.

Jacquie Presley

So I decided pull up my big girl pants and gave my good friend and hair stylist Miss Jacquie Presley a call. I was a little excited but still a little scared at the upcoming appointment. But from the moment I walked into Retha and Co. Salon and Day Spa, I started to realize the differences between a good hair stylist and a bad one.

Jacquie greeted us with hugs and offerings of frosty goodness in forms of diet soda and or water. In fact everyone at Retha and Co. was friendly and welcoming. It made me feel at ease in my decision to choose this salon.

Getting my hair evaluated.

The next thing is that Jacquie talked to me as she gave me an evaluation of my hair. She asked me what I wanted while telling me the condition of my hair. She made suggestions and explained the reasons for the suggestions, but in the end, the sole decision of the result was up to me. (Remember: if the stylist tells you a style won't work for your hair don't get mad if you get it anyways and it looks awful! They warned you!)

Wow, you mean stylists are supposed to do what you ask them to do? Why yes they are! As I was getting my hair washed and conditioned, I could feel the stress and fear leaving my body. With every stroke of the comb and snip of the scissors I felt more confident in what what was happening behind me that I couldn't see.

Then it was time to style. And I admit, I have been to salons where the stylist felt it wasn't worth their time to properly style the hair after they cut it. Not Miss Jacquie! She took her time, sectioned off the hair and gave it a proper blow dry! The woman is amazing and I would recommend her to anyone in the tri-cities area!

I guess what this is coming down to is when it is time to choose a stylist, make sure you feel comfortable in the salon. The stylist should give you suggestions, answer your questions, but in the end give you what you want. Make sure after the cutting is done they give you a proper style. And please take care of your stylist, because they take care of you!

Here are some pictures of me getting my hair cut:

Finished Product! Love It!

If you live in the Tri-Cities area of Tennessee you can make an appointment with Jacquie Presley at Retha and Co. Salon & Day Spa 423-262-0447. Let her know I sent ya!

And Always
Stay Fabulous


  1. Jacquie has done my hair now for over two years and I have always been impressed with her attentivesness to her customers; she listens and is not afraid to ask questions! A good hair stylist does this and so much more, they build a rapport with their client, they laugh, are warm, friendly, and have the ability to make you feel at ease, relaxed! ... and this describes Jacquie perfectly!! Thanks for this post Linda, enjoyed it! Fred J. Teaster III

  2. *btw* Love your new hairstyle!! Fred

  3. Thanks Fred! I do to, and Jacquie is the best!