Saturday, February 11, 2012

Fixing Tired Shoes

Have you got that one pair of shoes you love to wear, but they are worn, scuffed, or your new puppy used them as a chew toy? It's not a lot of damage, and you just can't bear to get rid of them, but there's enough damage that you wouldn't be caught dead in them.

Worn Out
Bad Puppy

Yeah we've all been there. We pull them out of the closet (because they will go perfectly with this outfit!) just to sadly take them off, give a sigh, and put them back in their place.

Well here is a trick to help you out in this situation.

What you will need is Mod Podge, Glitter, and some Sponge Brushes.

Tip:Use the extra fine Glitter. The color I chose was Chestnut to go with the color of my shoes.

Pour some of the Mod Podge into a disposable container. You don't need a lot. Then pour some glitter in. You will need a lot of glitter.

Stir the mixture til it's well blended.

Use the sponge brush to apply the mixture. It will go on white, but as it dries all you will see is the glitter. It takes about fifteen minutes to dry. You will need at least three coats to get the results you want. Make sure you let each coat dry completely before starting a new one.

And here is your end result. A new pair of shoes like no one else has. And to answer the question I know you are thinking: the glitter doesn't rub off easily. Trust me, I rubbed the heel with my fingers to see if it would come off, and it doesn't. It is actually smooth to the touch. So rock out in some new sparkly shoes.

And Always
Stay Fabulous


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