Sunday, December 4, 2011

Making Old Shoes New

My friend's boot had started to
rip where it was folded in a box.

We all know the heartbreak of having to give good shoes a proper burial because they have one too many scuffs or some other surface damage. Well before you play taps and start the twenty-one gun salute, take an evaluation of the situation. How bad is the damage and can it be repaired? If it cannot be repaired, can you add a slight improvement to cover the damage?

There are a zillion ways to update or repair a damaged shoe. That is, unless it is the heel, and for that you will need to take it to a professional or just start the funeral.

I am gonna show you how I repaired a pair of boots for a friend of mine. She folded the boots in half to store them in the closet and it caused the snake skin detailing to crack.

What I used was some wide black ribbon, skinny black ribbon with some sparkle detailing, and some spray adhesive.

Measure and cut the ribbon to cover the damaged area. I decided to have the ribbon to go from top of the boot to the black band around the ankle.

Next I sprayed the ribbon with the spray adhesive and applied it to the shoe. Be careful- it will get your fingers sticky as well as your work area. If you want, wear gloves and put down something to protect your table top.

Make sure the ribbon adheres to the shoe with out lifting off. Then apply the second ribbon down the middle of the first. I repeated this on the back as well.

And just like that, my friend has a new pair of one-of-a-kind boots!

You can also use fabric or lace to cover a shoe. Also, don't forget to get out the glue gun and add feathers, gem stones, and flowers. Be creative, and the next thing you know everyone will want to know where you got those shoes.

So remember, before you toss out those worn shoes, see if you can save them. Bring them back to life and walk proud in your one-of-a-kind shoes just for you!

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