Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sky High Heels

Found these on yournextshoes.com.
Five of the highest heels ever made.

I don't even think I am daring enough to wear these!

5. Kronier Creations platform boots - 12 inches


Kronier Creations 2008 special design for Sinteque Berlin

Alien-inspired Kronier Creations platform boots

4. Alexander McQueen Fall 2009 platform boots - 12 inches

Alexander McQueen 2009 collection

    Heidi Klum wears 12-inch Alexander McQueen thigh high boots on a shot for German Vogue 

3. Mihai Abu triple stacked wedges - 12.2 inches


12.2-inch Mihai Abu triple stacked wedge heels

Mihai Abu double booties

2. LadyBWear lace-up platform shoes - 16 inches

LadyBWear platform boots

1. James Syiemiong platform boots - 20 inches

James Syiemiong and his record-holding 20-inch platform boots

Not gonna lie, these scare me a little! And my ankles are thanking me because I am to chicken to try! Are you brave enough?

To see the full article click here -> http://www.yournextshoes.com

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