Friday, April 20, 2012

What Is BB Cream?

So we know most women out there, including me, are coo coo for coca puffs about our make up and skin care products.  We slather, buff, and spackle our faces with our favorite products and are still on the look out for more.

Well there is a new product out there that women are going gaga over and that is BB Cream.  

Now I know you are asking yourself (because I know I did) what the heck is BB Cream?  Well I'll tell you its, amazing is what it is!

BB Cream which is short for Blemish Balm or Beauty Balm was originally used to speed healing after laser treatments. The craze started in Asia when Korean celebrates , saying this is the reason for their flawless skin.  And in recent years has made an appearance in the US.

In basic English, it is super powered tinted moistureizer. But wait there is more. It is a moisturizer, sunscreen, foundation, and concealer all in one. Not to mention the the skin improvement qualities.

I am not gonna lie I have been wanting to try this product but it is a little pricy.  So it was just a dream, until Garnier came out with the much more affordable Miricle Skin Profector All-In-One BB Cream!

I ran down to my local drug store and snatched it off the shelf. I ran back home giddy as a kid on Christmas to try it out!  Yes I was a little apprehensive about it because how many times have we gotten something  that promised the world only to be disappointed.

But this stuff is amazing.  Once you get used to it that is. Because it is a moisturizer it has to absorb into your skin, which doesn't take long. Afterwards,  you get this beautiful air brushed look of glowing skin.   I am hoping to try a different brand to compare, but until then I am happy with the Garnier.  

Here is a picture of me before an after. Same light, same camera, and no photoshop! Try it for yourself and see. You will love it! 

And Always,
Stay Fabulous

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