Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Does Quality Cost?

I came across an article the other day on Yahoo about how the editor of The Gloss purchased a pair of Christian Louboutin boots for $895 and they fell apart on her in the first thirty minutes of wearing them.

Apparently the the zipper busted, the leather and plastic tip on the heel came off, and there were worn patches on the upper part of the boot.

Now I have to ask myself, "What in the world did she do to ruin a pair of shoes in thirty minutes? Was she rock climbing?  Running a marathon? Was she throwing elbows in a mosh pit?" Who knows?

The Coach my husband bought me.
But it does cause one to think. Does quality really cost? Should you plop hundreds of dollars for a name brand? My husband generously purchased Coach handbags for my best girlfriend and myself. I loved my bag and used it for a full fall/winter season. And I admit that when spring came, it was a little worse for wear. The leather on the straps started to crack and the lining ripped.

Maybe I was too hard on it.  I am the type when I find something I just love, I have the tendency to wear it out! But my friend's bag lasted a little more than a month when the straps broke.

The Coach my friend got me.
A few months later my bestie surprised me with another Coach she got for a steal on consignment and it has held up beautifully. So it is the brand or the brand lover?

Don't get me wrong, I love designer brands. I would love to be able to afford off-the-rack designer brands. But I am a fashion lover on a budget. So I guess the real question you have to ask yourself is,"Is it worth the price?"

For example, sunglasses. I never buy expensive sunglasses. Why, you ask? Well, when I was in high school I saved my money to buy a pair of Oaklelys (It was the 90's, don't judge me!).  I was so proud to shell out one hundred of my hard earned dollars for a pair. Silver rims with blue lenses. I was cool for about one month, and then I lost them in the mall on a school trip!

From that moment I swore off expensive sunglasses, because I know I will just break or lose them!  I guess what I am trying to say is if you are a lover of designer fashion and have expensive tastes, try consignment shops, and go vintage. Stick with a budget.

And if designer brands are not available to you, pick the pieces you like and look for something similar you can afford. Fashion trends are also easy to duplicate with out breaking the bank. You just have to be creative.

So when you find that to-die-for item you can't live without, stop and think. Is it worth it?


  1. Justin van VollenhovenOctober 5, 2011 at 7:58 PM

    Louboutins are quality...and some things that are costy are well worth it. COme with perks like Louboutin will fix the soles of your shoes. Hermes does an annual 'Birkin Spa' to keep up your Birkin... So in that way, it is worth it if you can afford it. If not...just get a knock off. I do love sunglasses though and if I can find a knock off of a style I like...I'd gladly get the cheap version but some stuff doesn't come any cheaper.

  2. I didn't know that! Thanks for the comment. I love learning new stuff!

  3. If u spend $900 for a pair of shoes your stupid. that is unless your lady gaga and can afford it. so just go to Ross, get some heels and paint the soles red, then when u break em or they wear out you wont feel so bad and you wont be living in a van down by the river....

  4. I totally agree with you ms pawn. Spending that much money is just insane..

  5. Mr/ms wolf, i know it is just crazy. all these kids now trying to be like all these wild celebrity's spending money they don't have to make themselves appear cool or hip. that's why i love this blog so much because she really tells you how to look fashion forward on a budget.

  6. Justin van VollenhovenOctober 7, 2011 at 10:23 PM

    You cant just paint soles will come off almost before you completely walk to your car. Its lacquer on the bottom of Louboutin soles. Also, cost does equal quality in some cases...Louboutins are rather padded...the sides are perfect and don't cut into your foot...if you buy a cheap pair of shoes, they likely dig into the sides of your upper foot...(pumps anyway). Booties etc are easier to get at a knock off price.

  7. The whole point of this blog article was one to be funny. Secondly it was to argue the fact if you are hard on stuff and don't have the money to spend on designer brands then ask yourself, "Is it worth it?" To me it isn't because I am hard on shoes and will eventually break them. It doesn't matter the brand weather it be Dior or Wal-Mart, eventually it is going to wear out.