Saturday, October 1, 2011

Halloween: Heather VanPree

Recently I just closed a show at The Blue Moon Dinner Theater called Nana's Naughty Knickers. I had a lot of fun playing with makeup and hair to come up with the character.

Now don't laugh, but I was the "hooker" with a golden heart, Miss Heather VanPree. She was a lot of fun to play, and the concept I came up with was Fran Fine (The Nanny) if she was on the Jersey Shore. And yes, I did the voice and everything.

I made this photo tutorial album for my Facebook page and decided I would add it to my blog. I think this would be a fun Halloween costume, so I wanted to share with you how I did it.

Before I do a heavy or smoky eye I like to use eye drops to whiten my eyes and make them brighter. Rhoto is a good brand for this, but warning: they burn the first time you use them.

Use your concealer around your eyes and anywhere else you have redness or discolorations. You want to even out the skin tone. I use it around my eyes, nose, mouth, and chin.

Set the concealer with powder and a big fluffy brush. Now, time for foundation. I like to use a mineral foundation, and my favorite is Physicians Formula. Use a kabuki brush to apply to the face and neck. Tip: if you are using a slightly different color than your skin- do your ears, so everything will match.

Remember, when filling in brows for a natural look, use a color slightly lighter then the brow color. Mine are black, so I use a brown.

I drew on a bolder brow with a higher arch and then filled it in.

This is a part you can skip if you want: Highlighting powder. I only use it when I am on stage. But it is a good thing to have, because you can use it to help contour your face and give it a glow. I use a sponge to apply the powder and then blend it in with a brush.

Now time for even more highlighting. I love using a white eyeliner pencil for this!

Highlight on the brow bone under the brow, down the bridge of your nose, and your cupid's bow. Pat with your finger to blend.

Use a bronzer to contour your face.
Put it on the sides of your nose and on your cheeks to make your cheek bones pop.

Use a soft peach color all over the eye.

These are the colors I used for the rest of the look.

Brown, Black, Blue and Green.

Sweep the brown in the crease and outer corner of the eye and blend. Use a little brush to apply the brown on bottom lid half way across. The bottom and top lids should meet.

Use the same small brush to apply the black on the brow bone above the crease. Use a blending brush to sweep the color inward.

Do this application until you get the affect you want. Remember it is easier to add than take away. Build up the smoky effect.

Next use your white eyeliner on your lid. The white eyeliner is going to help the blue and green pop

Apply the blue by patting it over the white a little more than half way on the upper and lower lid.

Do the same with the green and blend it into the crease.

Now, time to line the eyes. Use your black eye pencil to tight line the eyes. Tight lining is smudging the eyeliner into the lash line. It is a great way to make you look as if you have fuller lashes.

Next use your liquid liner to define the shape of the eye. Apply on both top and bottom lids.

Use accent lashes to make the eyes look bigger and the lashes fuller. Apply them on the outer corners of the eyes.

Then apply your favorite mascara.

Now that the eyes are done, we can finish the rest of the face. Apply the blush on the sides of the cheeks.

Almost done with the make up! Line your lips with lip liner and apply lipstick. When using a bold red, you will want to line your lips. This will help the color last and keep it from running.

Finish them off with a red gloss to give them that super dramatic look!

Now that your makeup is done, it is time to move on to hair.

For Heather I used three different hair pieces to get the big hair:

a pony tail piece to make a bun, a long wig, and a braided piece.

Make a pompadour with the front of your hair, and pull the rest of your hair back in a bun. If you have short hair, you can buy a wig for this look.

Add a pony tail piece, wrap it in a bun, and pin into place. Use large hair pins and as many as you need to make it secure. The hair is going to be heavy.

Pin the wig over the bun until secure to make a huge pony tail look.

Add the braided piece to hide where you pinned the wig. Pin into place until secure. Remember this is very heavy, so use as many pins as you need.

Hair and makeup completed, I pinned a huge flower to my hair to have that extra, over-the-top look.

Now all you need to do is pick out a costume and jewelry to complete the look.

I went over-the-top with a tight red dress and fishnets!

I hope this photo tutorial has helped or at least made you laugh at me!

And Always
Stay Fabulous

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