Saturday, October 22, 2011

Shoes Essentials

Believe it or not, there was a time when you only need a few types of shoes in your closet: dress shoes in brown and black and casual shoes, usually a tennis shoe.

Well times have changed, and now there are a variety of shoes to choose from and a wide range of places we can wear them. But it still boils down to the essentials. What do you need? Well this list is just that. The shoes every woman needs to have in her closet.

1. The Basic Black Pump: Black pumps can go with just about anything, but most important, you need them to wear to the occasions where a more "flashy" shoe is inappropriate. Example: you don't want to wear a bright red shoe to court or a funeral. They do not need to be super high. Just get a pump you are comfortable with. They are easy to mix into your wardrobe and always add a touch of class.

2. The Nude Pump: Nude Pumps have become the New Black. Nude will go with anything and have the effect of making your leg look longer and leaner. These shoes will work in your wardrobe where the black pump won't.

3. Flats: Flats come in a huge variety of styles and colors and can make an outfit pop. They are great everyday shoes where a high heel just won't work. If you are going for a more polished casual look you will want to get some flats in your wardrobe.

4. The Metallic Heel: There are some occasions where a basic black or nude just won't give you the za-za-zu you want in an outfit. This is where the Metallic heel comes in. They are very sexy and sophisticated.

5. The Sneaker: Depending on if you work out, need them for work or just because you like them. The choice is yours.

6. Boots: It doesn't really matter what kind of heel, or if you want a booties or a knee boot. Boots are just an essential for fall and winter. The types of boots you need depends on your body type and what you are comfortable with. But you need at least one pair.

7. House Shoes: You need house shoes because, well, they are just comfortable.

Again there are millions of shoe styles out there to choose from, and I encourage you to try them. This list is a good place to start on your shoe wardrobe to give you the right shoe for the right occasion.

And Always
Stay Fabulous

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