Monday, October 3, 2011

Style Tip: Grandmas Have Style

My MawMaw and PawPaw
My grandmother Mary started teaching me at a young age about style, beauty, and the importance of being a lady. I know some younger girls are rolling their eyes, but the lessons I learned have lasted with me.

I was cleaning out my purse and I couldn't help but laugh at what I found, because it reminds me of her. Safety Pins! My grandmother always had safety pins on her at all times. I remember asking her why, and she would respond, "Because you never know when you will need one."

I'm the Bald one!
And it is true, you never know. I have had a button break or a seam rip, and I will have my trusty safety pin to save the day 'til I get home. I always carry at least one with me at all times.

So listen to your grandmothers when they give advice. You might find that it becomes very useful, because you just never know!

And Always,
Stay Fabulous


  1. My grandmother's advice: Learn to drink your coffee black. I'm not sure what good this does you, unless you're undergoing sleep deprivation and are forbidden access to cream and sugar. Or maybe it's just because people who drink black coffee seem slightly more bad ass. Yeah. That's probably it.

  2. So neat! You are definitely correct in that our grandparents probably had more of an impression on us than we realize.
    As a side note, wow.....Frankie looks so much like his father did.